ARAG Bravo 400s

The Arag Bravo 400s version is a top spec rate controller controlling either electric motors or air solenoids (boom sections) with all the sophistication, but with simplicity at its heart, to make it clear & concise, with an easy feel to it. It can be fitted to virtually all sprayers, either at point of manufacture or as an after installation. Speak to us to find out if it can fit to your machine.

  • So far we have fitted this system to:
  • Toro Golf Course Sprayers.
  • John Deere Golf Course Sprayers.
  • Househam.
  • Bargam.
  • Sands.
  • Bateman.
  • Hardi.
  • Gem.
  • Sprayranger.
  • Agribuggy.

What Does It Do?

The 400s is Arag’s controller for GPS section control. How does it work? There is a simple CANBUS wire coming from the computer box to the RCU. From there are four cables going to different elements of the sprayer: One going to the section valves (up to 13). One going to the sensors (flowmeter, wheel sensor, pressure sensor etc). There is another going to the battery and the fourth (if required) goes to any hydraulic valves for boom folding. Working in conjunction with the GPS screen, the monitor knows which section to turn on or off when they pass over a treated or untreated surface.

What Do I Get?

  • You get, the control box with ALL the software inside unlocked! 
  • You get a top spec Dual Frequency receiver with Accuracy to 10cm with absolutely NO subscription charges whatsoever! (includes magnetic connection and steel plate to stick on the vehicle roof).
  • You get all the wiring, ready to go with sealed plugs (plug and play) and NO physical electronic wiring to do! 
  • You get a 3 pad suction mount to hold it firm in the cab.
  • The best support from Cleveland Crop Sprayers anywhere in the world!
  • Sequential or individual section switches when not using the Seletron function.