Gambetti Pro Range Tractor Mounted Sprayer

Pro Range Tractor Mounted Sprayer

This range is available as a 300lt, 400lt, 600lt 800lt & 1000lt is fitted with a three cylinder diaphragm pump, this means they run smoother, do not pulse and have the capability to spray large volumes at high speed, many manufacturers only fit a two cylinder.

They sport all the extra’s you would expect from a Gambetti sprayer. All the Pro-range are fitted with a chemical mixer tank with stainless steel hinges†, Stainless steel can washer .

Six tap manual pressure balanced controls, this means that when one boom section is switched off the other boom sections do not experience any increase in pressure. Hose clamp for filling, stainless steel tank washer kit with large capacity clean water tank for rinsing boom lines, pump, filters whilst out on the fairway or field without dilution of main tank contents. If it looks like rain and you still have half a tank of chemical left you can turn a valve and clean the sprayer before retuning to base, making it safe and do away with blocked filters or jets, very eco friendly!.

Stainless steel spray-lines fitted with a compact quad jet standard tips include Billericay three star 04 air bubble jet (red) for ultra low drift, 05 Tee-jet XR for medium capacity high cover (brown), 06 Tee jet XR high capacity high cover (white) and a Stainless steel Tee-jet huge volume jet for liquid feed drenching.

We can fit Fully Hydraulic or Electric folding booms and Windfoil covered booms to this range if you wish.

† With the exception of the 200 litre which is deemed rather small to need chemical mixer hoppers and can washer (these can be added as optional extra’s)

This is a future proof sprayer!  Very large deep sump, excellent agitation, Large clean water rinse tank,†chemical mixer hopper with can wash.  All fitted as standard. 

Pro Range Specification

  • Strong Steel Frame
  • Special powder coated paint
  • Total Emptying Tank whatever the angle of the machine
  • Tank Washer
  • 3 cylinder 115lt/min diaphragm pump
  • 6m Steel boom with stainless steel boom tubes
  • Boom safety break
  • Quad 4 way nozzle bodies with high spec nozzles
  • Clothing locker
  • Hand wash tank
  • Manual Controls
  • Balanced Pressure Returns
  • Options for Pro Range:
  • Electric On/Off


  • Full electric controls with electric pressure adjust
  • Hose Reel
  • AMC 180 (Bravo 180) rate controller
  • GPS Navigator
  • 8m Boom extensions
  • 10m boom extensions
  • 6m Hydraulic boom
  • Electro hydraulic control for in cab independant boom arm control
  • Foam marker

Electronic & Rate Control Options