This range is available as a 300lt, 400lt & 600lt with a 6m boom as standard. What new… everything! A new frame and boom for starters, as well as a new tank design. All new from the ground up. The complete machine has been specially treated to stop corrosion caused by liquid iron. In fact… there is NO PAINT! It is totally anti-corrosion treated to ensure longevity. All our latest booms and frames on the tractor mounted range are made in this way!

A complete new range of booms….. a super tough manual boom, with anti corrosion treatment is fitted as standard. You can opt for an 8m boom or a 10m boom if you need to get further than the standard 6m.

Single nozzles are fitted on stainless steel spray lines. There is 50% less pipe work than our previous model to ensure thorough cleaning is easier and quicker!

A mixer hopper and triple nozzles can be added on request

Why choose the Cleveland Gambetti Eco Golf…… Its tough, it has an anti corrosion treatment as standard, less plumbing, more accurate, more efficient and easier to use!

Standard specification


● NEW Liquid Iron proof anti corrosion treatment

● Shaped tank with deep total emptying sump

● 3 section pressure balanced manual controls

● 3 cylinder diaphragm 45 lt/min pump with PTO shaft

● Clean water hand wash 15 litre tank

● 6m manual folding boom

● Single nozzle bodies with anti drip

● Clothing locker

● Clean water hand wash tank

Onsite setup & training                                                     

8MBOOM    8m manual boom instead of 6m boom

TRIJET6      Triple jets 6m 

TRIJET8      Triple jets 8m                 

503301       Chemical induction hopper                               

HR301K      Hose reel c/w mounting kit and brass lance     

GBAM10 Foam marker kit for greens 5lt

GBAM12 Foam marker kit for greens and fairways 20lt

KF5 Foam concentrate (5litre) bottle

Fast fill from irrigation pipe (Geeeka)