Mini Eco Demount Sprayers

Skid Mounted Sprayer

This is the best skid mounted sprayer on the market by far. This is a new design and build. It has been out in North America about 6 months and people are happy with it. It is ultra light and can easily lifted into the back of a utility vehicle. It is entirely made from Aluminium so it won’t corrode at all.

The latest development on the mini demount is a set of removable covers. These covers transform the boom into a safe spray environment. Even in the windy conditions they can be fitted and removed in minutes. They have been carefully designed to be clear of all the jets so there is no danger of run off.


The whole unit is impressively light and can be moved by a single person. It is able to be moved in and out of the work vehicle and set up on its legs for storage when not in use, allowing for more work time in your work vehicle.

It uses some of the great features you have learned to know and love from Rogers Sprayers Inc.

  • Breakaway wings.
  • Adjustable sprayer height.
  • Open boom sprayer.
  • Electric Pump.
  • 3.5m boom.
  • 190lt tank.
  • Filtration.
  • Boom breakaways.
  • Tri jets.
  • List Price starts at £3,700.

The covers are an optional extra. Please ring 01361 883418 for prices.