Rogers WGF Covered Spray Booms

Covered Spray Booms

This boom can be fitted to Toro, John Deere, Hardi and Gambetti sprayers.

With the Windfoil booms, each nozzle is fitted with its own flow monitor so even though the nozzles are totally enclosed the operator can see that each jet is working properly. The boom is totally ground contour following in positive and negative undulations and a new style of skirt ensures that wind can not enter under the boom cover.

The new version is stronger but still very light, it is manufactured in high grade aluminium frame. All the electric folding rams are now mounted on special rubber mounts to take out shock loading and maximise boom life.

The boom follows positive and negative ground contours floating on castor wheels which means there is no chance of breaking a cover when tackling undulations. The boom can be tilted right forward in the working position to change jets or wash down. When completely folded the boom folds vertically and is then tilted forward into its boom rests. As you can see in the picture when in the folded (transport) position, the whole boom is carried on the sprayer, very useful for travelling long distances on rough roads or loading on to a trailer.

There is only 1 size available 4.5m spray cover (covers are over 5m wide so there is no chance of covers interfering with the spray patten.

NEW FOR 2017 – 5m and 6m Versions.