Cleveland pro mix 1500

powerful & accurate mixing

The all new Cleveland Pro Mix 1500. A 1500 litre (400 USGal) (328 IMP Gal) conical mixing station designed to handle all products to the highest standard.

The 700lt/min pump can handle anything from Fertilizers to powders or pretty much anything for that matter.


  • 1500lt conical tank
  • Strong steel frame on heavy duty castors
  • Petrol pump with high flow agitation 700lt/min
  • Capable of mixing all products
  • Tank Washer
  • Pump out transfer valve to sprayer
  • 5mt transfer hose @ 2″ diameter
  • Digital flow meter in the transfer line to record accurately the content going into the sprayer
  • Steel treadplate to stand on when adding product to ensure you are lifting product lower than waist level
  • Pump mounted at the bottom so will always suck without priming.

supplied with digital filling meter