ProPlus Demount Truck Sprayers for all utility vehicles. Tank sizes of 450, 600, 750 & 950 litres

Easily demountable. Easy access for truck maintenance.  Compact profile so truck can be fitted through narrow gates or shed doors.  No vulnerable sticking out tanks, wheels or hoppers.

Gambetti ProPlus Demount Range

Gambetti truck mounted are fully demountable and come with demount legs as standard and are available to fit to Toro workman, John Deere Progator, Cushman trucks and now the new Jacobsen DX truckster. 

The four hundred and fifty litre tank version can also be fitted to the Kabota truck. The tanks are designed to spread an even weight across all four wheels of the truck, the 3 cylinder pump ensures a smooth application rate even at high volume spraying.

The boom is fitted with 4 sets of very high quality jets in a quad jet body to cover a fast range of out puts.

Electric controls are fitted as standard along with clean water tank and clothing locker, to fully comply with the latest HSE regulations.

Note: The shape of the Tank accommodates all the optional extras within the 2.5m folded width of the boom unlike the John Deere or the Toro machines which when fitted with chemical induction hoppers or hose reels stick at the sides of the tank/boom looking very vulnerable.

Demount Truck Sprayers general info

Pro-Plus truck mounted sprayers are very popular with green keepers and football clubs.

This range is fitted with a three cylinder diaphragm pump, which means they run smoother, do not pulse and have the capability to spray large volumes at normal speed, this is a professional sprayer, many manufacturers at the time of writing only fit a two cylinder pump as standard eg Hardi, J. Deere, Toro.

Note the picture looking down on the PRO PLUS this was taken whilst fitted to a Toro Workman see how all the extras ( hose reel, Foam marker kit, Clothing locker, Clean water tank, are all kept neatly within the foot print of the truck. Nothing sticking out to get swiped off or damaged reversing into the shed.

The Pro Plus has all the extra’s you would expect from a Gambetti sprayer to keep you within the law, hose pipe holder for mains water filling. Correct size of clothing locker , a space in the truck cab is not a clothing locker. (HSE rule). Fully shaped tank to enable spraying all but a few litres out even on slopes, a internal tank washing system with proper stainless steel spinning head. Stainless steel spray-lines fitted with a compact quad jet, standard tips include Billericay three star 04 air bubble jet (red) for ultra low drift, 05 Tee-jet XR for medium capacity high cover (brown), 06. Tee jet XR high capacity high cover (white) and a stainless steel 015 Tee-jet huge volume jet for liquid feed drenching. Fully pressure balanced electric controls are included and are operated from the cab with a neat switch box, computer controls may be fitted as well. Wind up adjustable demounting legs are also standard.

Standard Specification

  • Total emptying shaped tank to maximize weight distribution
  • clothing locker integrated into tank
  • hand wash integrated into tank
  • strong steel frame
  • removable demount jack legs
  • 3 cylinder 120lt/min pump
  • special agitation system 
  • tank washers
  • electric balanced controls 
  • 2 stage filtration
  • hose pipe holder
  • stainless steel spray lines
  • quad nozzle bodies
  • nozzle protection bars
  • manual 6m boom


  • AM6H 6m GEX Hydraulic fold boom
  • Independent boom arm fold, manual lever
  • AM2DV Independent hyd boom arm fold for GEX boom
    (With electric switch selection in cab)
  • AM8MXT Manual fold extension
  • AM10MXT Manual fold extension convert 6m GMX or GEX
  • PP1 Large clean water rinse tank for 400lt & 600lt
  • PP2 Large clean water rinse tank for 700lt & 900lt
  • CHEM20 20lt chemical mixer with can washer
  • AMC 180 Golf course computer rate controller
  • AMNAV GPS navigator with precision receiver
  • GPSINC Inclination sensor for above
  • AMC400s Seletron auto nozzle shut off GPS navigator
    c/w inclination sensor
  • HR301K C/W mounting kit and brass lance
  • GBAM12 Foam marker kit for greens and fairways
  • KF5 Foam concentrate (5litre) bottle
  • GBAMFF Fast fill from irrigation pipe (Geeka)
  • Pro-Plus Truck mounting brackets
  • GB100 Old style Cushman
  • GB101 New style Cushman
  • GB111 Jacobsen SV2322/3422 
  • GB120 John Deere Pro Gator (300,400,600)
  • GB121 John Deere Pro Gator (650, 700, 900)
  • GB130 Toro workman
  • GB131 Toro workman
  • G6B140 Kubota (400 sprayers only) £ 260