Welcome to the UK specialist for Farm Navigator. We offer a full range of GPS guidance system with RTK, Auto Steering and remote telemetry for a great price. FarmNavigator® is made by its parent company AvMAP®. AvMAP build the GPS systems for Augusta Westland helicopters and are one of the largest suppliers in the world of Marine Naviation systems. FarmNavigator is not a cheap Chinese system, but a Precision instrument designed and built in Europe. Quality, precision and durability at its heart.

Cleveland Alliances have a new division headed by Mariusz Salatka. Mariusz is a specialist engineer who is proficient in electronics, GPS / GNSS and ISOBUS systems.

We have simplified the systems for you, so you can buy in packages to suit your needs. We offer the system as a kit, or installed on site. WE ARE NOT A DROP AND RUN COMPANY!!! You will have our continued support throughout ownership, with different service packages available. Please have a look through our literature below and decide on a package to suit you. Fill in the form and we will be in contact with you to provide further information and a quote.

Which system do I require?

We offer different packages to suit your requirements. From quality entry level guidance through to ISOBUS VT with Auto Steering and RTK signal. Our receivers feature built in gyroscope for hillside working and our RTK receivers have a built in 4g Modem for ease and simplicity. No need for external radio link devices to connect to your system. The G7 and the G12 (arriving in February 2023) can be both fully ISOBUS so you can run any of your ISOBUS implements through either display VT.


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