Spray Mixer – Cleveland Handler IV

Handler for Golf & Sports Facilities

The number of sports facilities and golf courses that rely on 20 litres per minute water delivery for filling sprayers is astounding. It takes longer to mix the product and fill the sprayer than actually apply the product. Our system sorts all this out. Constant filling with auto shut off means the mixing station is full when the sprayer comes in to refill. It can mix ANY product faster than any other method available. It even opens cans and bagged product for you! If youre serious about turf care, serious about time management, and care about chemical handling. This chemical handler is for you!

  • The Handler IV.
  • 850lt mixing tank.
  • 800lt/min mixing and transfer pump.
  • Huge volume agitation.
  • Tough durable ball valves.
  • Really simple to operate.
  • Super sharp knife system for auto piercing bagged product.
  • Chemical can washer with high pressure nozzle.
  • Honda engine , hydraulic or 3 phase motor.
  • All mounted on a forkliftable frame.
  • Really tough tank.
  • 3″ or 2″ inlet and outlet ports.
  • Easily mounts onto a trailer platform.
  • Couple to a bowser or static tank.
  • Will mix 850lt of product super fast, super efficiently.
  • Available with a Single Phase 240v electric motor, Three phase 415v electric motor or a honda petrol engine.
  • Entry and exit digital flowmeters available.
  • Auto shut off from programmable level presets.