ARAG BRAVO 400s Seletron

The Arag Bravo 400s SELETRON version is a top spec rate controller with all the sophistication, but with simplicity at its heart, to make it clear & concise, with an easy feel to it. It can be fitted to virtually all sprayers, either at point of manufacture or as an after installation. Speak to us to find out if it can fit to your machine.

What Does ‘Seletron’ Mean?

Seletron is Arag’s terminology for individual nozzle control. How does it work? There is a heavy duty, totally water tight canbus sealed cable running the length of the sprayer boom with a cable coming to each nozzle body. Each cable has its own IP address. It is that simple. Working in conjunction with the GPS screen, the monitor knows which nozzles to turn on or off when they pass over a treated or untreated surface.  It can be as a single nozzle or a cluster of four nozzles. This means that with the right nozzles fitted you can spray one application rate at 5kmh through to 20kmh without changing a thing, it does it for you and always maintains an optimum pressure.


How efficient is this system. The industry average on individual nozzle control working with GPS is a saving of approximately 5% on chemical costs per annum.

What Do I Get?

  • You get, the control box with ALL the software inside unlocked! 
  • You get a top spec Dual Frequency receiver with Accuracy to 10cm with absolutely NO subscription charges whatsovever! (includes magnetic connection and steel plate to stick on the vehicle roof).
  • You get all the wiring, ready to go with sealed plugs (plug and play) and NO physical electronic wiring to do! 
  • You get a 3 pad suction mount to hold it firm in the cab.
  • The best support from Cleveland Crop Sprayers anywhere in the world!
  • Sequential or individual section switches when not using the Seletron function.

A Few Simple Diagrams