Self propelled sprayers with excellent low ground pressure abilities

Major European manufacturer of self propelled sprayers, Bargam offer two great models with unrivalled low ground pressure ability.  The first in the range is the 2500lt mechanical drive model.  It is a machine with a good entry specification with GPS boom section control fitted as standard.  The machine can accommodate much larger wheels than our competitors which gives us a real class beating product when it comes to staying on top of the land.  Further more, this machine uses a proper 145hp 4 cylinder turbo charged tractor engine, and some strong mechanical axles – where most other machines in this category seem to be based around a Landrover type vehicle.  Our engines can comfortably spray at just 1300rpm in rolling land, saving fuel and not having to work the machine hard.  Contact Cleveland Crop Sprayers Ltd for UK sales of this superb machine and learn what it can do for you! contact us for more information.  I will post more tomorrow about the 3000lt to 4000lt range very soon!  WATCH THIS SPACE

August 22, 2014 8:45 am