Global Self Propelled Sprayer Market

Self propelled sprayers are becoming more and more popular.  We can see a huge trend for this type of machine and a growing second hand market.  The Bargam self propelled range are proving more and more popular.  This is down to 3 factors.  1.  Predominantly Cleveland Crop Sprayers have seen the lack of mechanical drive options in the UK.  The Bargam range offer some very tidy, not too heavy and compact options in this sector. 2.  Standard specification often out strip the competition.  3. the Back up Cleveland Crop Sprayers Ltd and its sub dealers have provided has proved second to none.  This has made loud noises across the farming world.  At LAMMA 2018 Cleveland intend to launch the new Bargam Grimac J Series.  A hydrostatic self propelled sprayer with 1.2m clearance.  It will feature the same components as the Mechanical version but with hydraulic wheel motors and variable axle tracking.  This machine features auto boom height control, variable axle adjust, self levelling suspension, GPS section control and field guidance.   

September 19, 2017 3:01 am