Gambetti golf course sprayers and GPS

Gambetti first launched individual nozzle control to the UK golf and amenity market back in 2013. There were some teething troubles and difficulty getting the right GPS signals sorted out to work efficiently and effectively. A lot of investment has been made by Cleveland (Gambetti UK’s parent company) in the past five years to get GPS delivered efficiently and accurately.

This year new systems are rolling out. Gambetti now provide its GPS-controlled individual nozzle shut off system, when fitted to a new sprayer for under £6,500. This state of the art system maps areas, turns the nozzles on and off when passing over a treated area and provides a full guidance system for easily seeing where has been and where has not been treated. What has changed? Nozzle control reliabaility. New faster and efficient Seletron motors are now fitted to minimise downtime.

GPS signal. Gambetti now only fits its SMART 6 L GPS receiver from Novatel. A GPS system is only as good as the signal reveived. Now accurately reading from over 17 satellites simultaneously. Satellite drift on this non-subscription signal is absolutely minimal. Better than this, you now have the option to upgrade to the new TERRASTAR system. This is a GPS signal which gives 2.5cm of accuracy pass to pass. It maintains stability and does not drift at all in the time it takes to spray the entire golf course!

Gambetti aims to bring consistency and absolute precision to the golf course that does not have an infinite budget. Technology is here to stay and Cleveland, through its Gambetti brand, aims to make GPS spraying available and affordable to all golf courses over the coming months.

Contact Cleveland on 01361883418 or visit for more information.

May 30, 2019 12:57 pm