Cleveland Crop Sprayers Ltd – NEW dealer for DAMMANN SPRAYERS

September 2016 marks a new chapter for Cleveland Crop Sprayers becoming the Northern and South West UK dealer for German sprayer manufacturer DAMMANN. 

Cleveland Crop Sprayers Ltd – the UK distributor for Bargam Sprayers have just made an agreement with Lincolnshire company – Chantry Dammann to become a dealer for the Northern half and the South West of the UK for German Sprayer Manufacturer DAMMANN GmbH. James Dixon, Managing Director of Cleveland Crop Sprayers Ltd, said that the company needed to find a range of large capacity self propelled sprayers of 5000lt and above to meet the market demand. Dammann provide a range to suit this requirement and Dammann is also at the top of the tree for build quality and reliability. In conjunction with Chantry Dammann in Lincolnshire, we can provide a first class support service for the entire UK with our team of trained dedicated staff. This is the right move for Cleveland as we have 2 quality ranges of self propelled machine provided by Bargam from 2000lt to 4000lt and by Dammann from 5000lt to 12000lt.

September 1, 2016 5:02 am