Are YOU being over charged for your John Deere and Toro Sprayers Parts

According to some Golf Clubs, John Deere are charging extortionate prices for spare parts on their sprayers, Steve wanted a replacement boom section motor for his John Deere HD200 sprayer.  The part cost over £600. After Steve contacted us, we discovered that a few years ago John Deere followed the Gambetti design, fitting an AR pump and Arag electric motors on their HD200.  The difference being they charge 500% more then Gambetti’s full retail price of the electric motors and possibly other parts too.  Graham Fogo a private engineer discovered a similar scenario when he was asked to mend a Toro sprayer at another Golf Course in East Lothian. It seems Green keepers are not aware of these pit falls at the time of purchase of the new sprayer. Another golf course in the Midlands also discovered their Toro parts were costing hundreds of percent  more than the same parts fitted on their Gambetti sprayers.  Send us an email if you have a similar story. 

Our Prices for John Deere & Toro Parts

August 22, 2014 8:45 am