All new Bargam self propelled sprayers for the UK

the end of 2016 has delivered some great new innovations for 2017 in the Bargam self propelled sprayer range.  The latest Grimpeur Range, both the L & S Series now feature all new bodywork which is designed to be be non corrosive, light and sleek.  They keep the vital components clean but when lifted up, provide total easy access for servicing and usage.  

Both machines now feature Cruise Control for both the road and field as well as a foot pedal which works both the engine RPM and the forward drive simultaneously.  Simply set your speed, select either the joystick or foot pedal and push forward.  The machine will quickly yet smoothly go to the desired speed and it will sort the engine RPM out itself according to the demand and requirement.  Both engines have the most power in their class to weight ratio giving more than enough torque and grunt to make the machine do what you want it to do!  Both also feature ECO drive which automatically drops the engine RPM to about 1600rpm to maintain 50kph without using a lot of fuel.

these mechanical drive machines have moved the mechanical drive sector on, leaps and bounds and out class all their mechanically driven competition!  

Cleveland Crop Sprayers Ltd now have TOTAL UK coverage support, 7 days per week!


November 28, 2016 3:51 pm