Something new for self propelled sprayers in 2017

Something new coming in Spring 2017! We have done well with our mechanical drive range of self propelled sprayers. However, there is an element of the market we cannot reach due to customer needing more clearance. This machine 'the Bargam Grimac J Series' has been in production for some years but with the older cab and a huge 1.9m clearance. A machine that was not really practical for the UK market. However, this machine is now going to be available with 1.2m clearance.Why do we think it is better than other hydro machines on the market? we keep a tall wheel. Hydro Machines with tall wheels do 2 things. 1. they allow us to mount the motor dead center of the rim, this minimizes wheel motor issues due to the weight being carried properly (a bit problem on machines with small wheels). 2. a taller wheel ALWAYS travels better, spreads the load across the ground and gives better performance in wet conditions. Here is a price and spec example:

4000lt 36m

GPS section control

GPS field guidance

400lt/min pump for spraying and filling

Fertilizer ready (3" plumbing)

Pneumatic nozzle control with pressure recirc

Auto boom height control 

VG booms

in cab controlled cleaning

hydraulic axle width adjustment from 1800mm to 2250mm 

4 wheel steer

anti slide oil control (traction control)

foot pedal brakes

cruise control

Eco drive



Climate control

cab fridge

Price with 2 sets of wheels £ 178,500 approx

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November 28, 2016 4:54 pm