Self Propelled Sprayers with £10,000 off!!!!

Those of you in ‘the know’ will know that September 2014 is the date that all engines in production vehicles must meet the EU emissions criteria.  This means that larger engines need to have emission beating devices.  The best and most reliable system is ADBLUE.  Unfortunately these systems come at a cost.  With this in mind, until May 2014 we can offer our self propelled sprayers 3 to 4000lt with the standard engine, a 180hp Cummins/Iveco 6 cylinder turbo charged unit that is quiet, bullet proof and has more torque than a train.  You also get the brand new cab and the latest plumbing, which is to be launched to the UK at LAMMA.  This will save you £10,000 off the 2014 price.  If I could save £10k on a self propelled sprayer, I’d be seriously considering it! 

August 22, 2014 8:45 am