self propelled sprayers gain market share

Bargam Self Propelled Sprayers are gaining a larger market share of the UK self propelled market.  The new models are really making UK farmers sit up and realise the potentials that other manufacturers cannot cater for.  For example – have you ever asked – why do the UK self propelled manufacturers make machines with such small wheels???  the principal is all wrong!!  Most  UK machines of 36m with 4000lt tanks are seriously overloading their tyres when on their standard row-crops.  A small diameter wheel in wet conditions is more or less useless, especially when in potatoes!  our standard row crop on a 4000lt machine is 48″!!!!  does this make a difference I hear you ask – hell yeah!  How many litres of fuel does a hydrostatic machine use per hour???  on average its 14lt!  our machine uses 8lt!!!  that’s quite a saving when you look at your yearly fuel costs!  The average machine covers 700hrs per annum.  The average 3 to 4000lt machine will use £6860 of diesel per year.  Our 3 to 4000lt machine will use about £3920 of diesel per year.  why?  we use mechanical axles, which don’t demand the oil flow like 4 wheels motors so we can operate at a much lower rpm.  One of the best bits about Bargam ownership, is that as we are a global company and Bargam machines really do hold their value!  Not a sales pitch – its a fact!  on the European Continent, self propelled sprayers generally sell for approx. 10 to 15% higher when new compared to the UK, therefore, used machines that are common are quite attractive to the used buyer.  Our used sales spans to all over the world.  Why do they hold their value in the UK?  This is due to having mechanical axles.  Would you want to be buying a used machine with 4 wheel motors that can cost £4k per corner to deal with?  I certainly wouldn’t!

August 22, 2014 8:45 am