Precision Golf and Amenity GPS

Cleveland and its sprayer brand Gambetti lead the way with GPS technology into UK golf courses with the ARAG brand of precision golf equipment.

The first system was installed five years ago. Since then the technology has advanced at a very fast rate. It started with the ability to turn nozzles on and off when the boom passed over treated or untreated areas. This was done by the sprayed and unsprayed areas being plotted by satellite. Five years on, and they are now more precise, more efficient and far more reliable with the ability to save maps and perimeters of greens and fairways.  A new generation of GPS receivers are ready which give 3cm of accuracy pass to pass, without satellite drift.

This new system is called TERRASTAR and it is exciting technology that will improve GPS performance on golf courses dramatically. So, the sprayers have new controllers, new software and new ECUs on board. Apart from improving accuracy and reliability, it allows you to use the same control box on other vehicles.  Take the screen off the sprayer, fit it into a tractor or another truck and use it for auto steering when top dressing, or spreading fertiliser, or even into your tractor you use for mowing.

Cleveland is now in a position to fit its GPS systems to any vehicle. This means you can have a sprayer control box, which does far more than control the sprayer. This technology is not new, it is something it has taken from agriculture, but Cleveland has adapted it for golf and amenity, to make a unique system that is right for the tree-lined golf course.

Cleveland offers a full installation service.  It collects the vehicle, installs the system so it can be easily attached to that vehicle when required. Cleveland then returns it and gives full training to the operators. Contact Cleveland on 01361883418 or visit for more information.

May 30, 2019 12:59 pm

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