NEW Rotomec C30-CE5 Finishing Mower

At Cleveland Crop Sprayers, we are always looking out for new machinery to offer to our clients. Previous customers that know us, also know that we are picky about what we sell; we handpick only the highest quality and most reliable machinery.

Recently, the world famous brand ROTOMEC have grown even more in popularity and we are delighted to report upon their newly released mower, the C30 finishing Mower, which promises to exceed the already high standards they set for their machinery. 

The new C30-CE5 is a rear discharge three spindle engine driven finishing mower ideal for lawn tractors with no PTO & ATVs. The C30-CE5 is powered by a powerful 10.5 HP Briggs & Stratton I/C engine with a centrifugal clutch and comes standard with a safety kill switch.

 The wide cutting width of 150 cm. along with the high working speeds allow you to tackle almost any mowing assignment. The cutting height is adjustable from a minimum of 2.5 cm. (1″) to a maximum of 10 cm. (4″) and is done by adding or removing the spacers on each wheel yoke. The mower is attached to the tractor or ATV by a Cat. 1 ball mounted on the tounge. Transmission of power to the blades is done through a heavy duty reinforced belt with an automatic belt tensionner. 

The frame of the C30-CE5 is same one as our traditional PTO driven C30 models and therefore benefits from the same quality components. The front wheels are pivoting while the back ones are fixed, this feature allows to keep the mower always inline with the tractor even when mowing on hillsides. Options available for the C30-CE5 are air tires and a mulching kit that reduces grass clippings and leaves to an invisible humus. 

All Rotomec machines are powder coat painted for a long lasting good look and are covered by a one year warranty

At Cleveland Crop Sprayers we deal with you directly at every stage and offer the most competitive prices you will find on ROTOMEC products. Why not get in touch with us today by telephoning 01361 883 418 or email at [email protected]

From the date of your enquiry, you could be using one of these brand new, revolutionary machines within as little as four weeks.

August 22, 2014 8:45 am