Bargam Self Propelled Sprayer uses 'Section Control Top' by Mueller

Bargam sprayers are one of the first manufacturers to offer the new, innovative ‘section control top’ by German manufacturer – Mueller.  All Bargam self propelled sprayers use a complete Mueller wiring and computer system, and are now offering this latest addition to the Mueller ISOBUS range.

Innovation Award for SECTION-Control TOP on SIMA 2013Nowadays particularly SECTION-Control, the GPS controlled section switching, can not be ignored concerning modern field sprayers. The return on investment is fast thanks to a steep rise in the convenience of use and savings of resources. Now with SECTION-Control TOP, the single nozzle switching, Müller-Elektronik introduces the advancement of SECTION-Control.  With the help of this solution not only every section, but every nozzle can be switched on or off individually automatically. This increases the effectiveness again and reduces the overlapping to a minimum.

Currently the new concept of SECTION-Control TOP was granted with an award for innovation named “Citation” on the SIMA in Paris.

The big advantages of the system are once the integration on the existing base ISOBUS, but also the realization of SECTION-Control TOP as electric as well as pneumatic solution. The switching modules necessary in addition are almost identical for both variations. In general a module can always control

4 single, 2 double or a fourfold nozzle holder.

The SECTION-Control Application on the ME or other ISOBUS terminals controls the single nozzle switching. Nevertheless, topically ME is probably the only supplier who can switch on ISOBUS base up to 210 sections or nozzle modules (210 sections correspond to a working width of 52.5 m and

a nozzle distance of 25 cm).

Beside the saving of resources SECTION-Control TOP also offers saving potentials during assembly, because, e.g., the armature is not needed and the lines are connected continuously by nozzle to nozzle.

During the SIMA on stand D089 in hall 6 the Müller-Team will present the function of the exposed SECTION-Control TOP to interested visitors.


August 22, 2014 8:45 am