FDS Turf Dethatcher

The FDS is making huge improvements to sports grounds and golf course in North America and is making inroads into the UK.

LIGHTWEIGHT, FLEXIBLE AND RESPONSIVE. The fds 9200 is engineered to handle a variety of turf surfaces, from the contours and undulations of a golf course to the flat surfaces associated with sports field maintenance.

VERSATILE. The fds 9200 is a high speed dethatcher. It helps to prepare turf for overseeding and is seen as a less intrusive alternative to verti-cutting. The easy height / downward pressure adjustment feature of the tines allows the operator to quickly go from evenly spreading top dressing to “tickling” the turf.

INCREASED THATCH REMOVAL FOR HEALTHIER TURF. The fds 9200’s spring-loaded tines will help create tour quality fairway turf conditions, relieve sport field surface compaction to quickly allow water and fertilizer penetrate the root zone as well as quicken germination of all types of grass seed.

MAINTAIN QUALITY OF SYNTHETIC TURF. The fds 9200 reduces the G-Rating in athletic fields to make artificial turf feel like “real grass.”


4 FREE-FLOATING SECTIONS. With easy monitoring and adjustment from the tractor seat, the fds 9200’s four sections effectively articulate to conform to undulations and dethatch the most challenging areas.

SPRING-LOADED TINES. The fds 9200’s 256 spring-loaded tines are much more durable than regular tines and responsive to variations in turf conditions. Wood Bay’s tines vibrate to remove more wet and dry thatch, stand up synthetic fibers and loosen infill material.

3-POINT HITCH. The 3-point hitch is simple to attach to your tractor and the easily accessed height control system, for the tines, allows the operator to quickly adjust the dethatching pressure from light to aggressive.

PARKING RODS. Easy on and off parking rods… no tools required when parking the equipment.

DIMENSIONS & WEIGHT. Operating width 92″ (234 cm), weight 500 lb (227 kg). Treads lightly on the softest of turf conditions.

TINES & TYRES. 256 – 16″ (40 cms) – spring steel wire (ASTM A 288) tines. 2 – 4.10 x 3.5 – 6 ply tYres.