Gambetti Dedicated Sprayers

Whichever way you look at it, a dedicated sprayer is a truck and a sprayer in one!  It is simply a sprayer chassis bolted to a utility vehicle.  With this in mind, we are creating a dedicated sprayer from either a Jacobsen Truxter DX, a Toro Workman or a John Deere ProGator.  This means we can create the perfect dedicated spraying vehicle tailored to your personal vehicle choice.  The spray can still be removed and connected to another vehicle if also required.  The specification is great and offers excellent precision and chemical application without any fuss.  We have 25 years experience in golf course sprayers and offer an excellent backup service throughout the UK, Europe and beyond.  

The Pro Dedicated is available with 2 new lightweight aluminium booms. One fully shrouded the WGF and one open  the GF, both are fully ground contouring, following negative and positive contours.  Both come with electric fold and multiple nozzles. The GF open boom  is 6m wide and has 8m boom extensions for spraying fairways. The width of the fully shrouded WGF ‘Windfoil’  boom is 6m. See covered booms for more detail on this boom.

An  AMC 180 (Bravo 180) dose rate controller is fitted as standard. This rate controller has been designed for use with golf sprayers and is simple to operate Gambetti pre program it to your specific requirements it has a small compact design which gives maximum visibility.  The wiring for our auto rate controllers is by far the best on the market, with sealed cables and neat, quality connections.

Some of the options available are the AMS400s GPS guidance system.  This superb system knows exactly where you have sprayed and turns individual nozzles on and off on untreated and treated areas.  This system is now at a very reliable stage and offers excellent precision application.  If this sounds too much – a foam bout marker is for those who prefer the traditional way of marking treated areas.

We believe we are the best company in the UK for after service and support in the amenity sprayer sector and have the expertise on hand at a moments notice.


  • NSTS compliant
  • On site setup and instruction (includes truck mounting brackets)
  • Shaped tank with deep total emptying sump
  • AMC 180 Cutting-edge computer rate control, speed from GPS
  • Tank cleaning system with large capacity clean water rinse tanksimplifies 3 stage sprayer cleaning (environmental protection)
  • Clean water rinse tank and hand wash tank
  • Low level chemical induction hopper with container wash system
  • High output, multi cylinder diaphragm pump 
  • Protective clothing locker
  • Hose pipe holder
  • Tank tilt connects to truck rams for ease of truck maintenance
  • 6m GEXE metre steel electric folding booms
  • Boom end Jets protection
  • 4 way jets for feed and chemical applicationDedicated c/w GEXE BoomGEXE 6m painted steel with electric lift and fold boom arms
  • DT750AM6E 750 lt 6m GEXE electric fold boom
  • DT950AM6E 950 lt 6m GEXE electric fold boom
  • Dedicated c/w GF BoomGF, Ground positive and negative contour following 6m aluminium electric fold booms
  • Ground contour following wheels
  • 4 way jets for feed and chemical application
  • DT750GF 750 litre 6m GF, electric fold boom 
  • DT950GF 950 litre 6m GF, electric fold boom 
  • Dedicated c/w WGF BoomWGF, Totally covered boom sealed from the wind. Follows positiveand negative, ground contours
  • 6m aluminium (5.5m spray area) electric fold booms
  • Electric lift, rotates boom for servicing & testing under canopies
  • 3 way jets for feed and chemical application
  • External nozzle flow monitors give operator visual check
  • DT750WGF 750 litre 6mWGF, electric fold boom 
  • DJ950WGF 950 litre 6mWGF, electric fold boom 

Optional Extras

  • AMNAV GPS Navigator LT with standard receiver 
  • AMC400s Seletron auto nozzle shut off GPS navigatorIn lieu of AMC 180s
  • HR301K Hose reel c/w mounting kit & brass lance 
  • GBAM12 Foam marker kit for greens and fairways 
  • KF5 Foam concentrate (5 litre) bottle 
  • GBAMFF Fast fill from irrigation pipe (Geeka)
  • AM8MXT 2m boom extensions for 6m GEXE boom 
  • AM10MXT 4m boom extensions for 6m GEXE boom 
  • BK20EX 2m boom extensions for 6m GF boom 
  • PDDM4 Demount kit to remove sprayer body unit